Meet Phyllis Rogers

Proprietress of Phyllis' Fantasies


"Phyllis is like everyone's fairy godmother...she can turn anyone into Cinderella!"

Amy Bowersox, Member, Board of Trustees, Gender Identity Center of Colorado

Phyllis Rogers (nee Stiegelmeier) is an unlikely friend of the transgender community. Most in the community are either transgendered or have a friend or family member who is. Phyllis came into the community in a whole new way. After a chance meeting with a crossdresser at a local restaurant, with whom she became fast friends, Phyllis was invited out one evening to meet others in the community. Ironically, like all of us, she was apprehensive her first night out. She feared the community might not be accepting of a straight woman. Boy, was she wrong! "I found everyone to be extremely friendly and receptive to my being in one of their clubs. In fact, in a very short time, I found myself making a number of really great friends," says Phyllis of those first few evenings out.

Phyllis grew up in the East Coast retail industry. From the age of 12, she worked in department stores owned by her father. Even at that young age, she loved to help people find just the right outfits, and always looked forward to accompanying her father to the garment district in New York City where he would buy clothes for his stores. She often got to choose an outfit for herself on those trips. Which wasn't easy, because she wanted everything she saw. Oh, sacrifices!

A desire to help others is a common thread in Phyllis's life. She spent many years in the medical field as a registered medical assistant and an x-ray technician. But her passion for glamour and yearning to dress up and go out on the town could not be repressed. Sound familiar? So she traded her white uniform and oxfords for a sequin gown, feather boa and sexy high heels. Career change time! For the next few years Phyllis indulged her fantasies dancing in the clubs of Los Angeles, Reno and Denver.

Family life and children led to yet another career. What hasn't this woman done? Phyllis had always wanted to be self-employed...and, if you know Phyllis, she usually goes after what she wants. So was born her new business, Computer Media, which sold hardware, software and supplies. This business, while very profitable and successful, had kept the girl locked away in her home office, like a wardrobe of lovely dresses, make-up etc. secured in a footlocker or old golf bag hidden away from the world in a garage or basement. Sound familiar again?

During this time, while getting a gown altered, a seamstress and designer asked Phyllis to model in a fashion show. Once again, her desire for fashion and glamour was appeased. From 1860s ballgowns to modern formal wear to lingerie, the glamour woman was in her glory. Soon after, the inevitable happened. Phyllis became a fashion consultant, selling the wonderful, sensual lingerie, dresses, skirts and outfits she had previously just been modeling. Presently, in order to meet the unique needs of the transgendered person, she continues to add wonderful new products to her line. Along the way, she became involved with Majestic Hearts Pageantry, taking over as the pageant's owner when its founder passed away, and continues to be a guiding light in the community.

Phyllis is a connoisseur of fashion and glamour. But she's also an understanding, accepting and caring woman. All her life, she has worked hard at perfecting her own look; now, her passion is to help you find your look. Along with all of the above, you now have the opportunity to experience your new look with fantasy photos. And Phyllis knows very well how scary a first night out can be. That's why she offers her accompaniment on your first big night out. She knows the hot spots where you can feel at ease, have dinner, dance and meet other wonderful people like yourself!

Phyllis, you go, girl!