Phyllis' Fantasies' Services

Phyllis' Fantasies offers a wide variety of services to those living in or visiting Denver, Colorado. See how she can help bring out the beautiful woman inside you!



Do you want to be glamorous to stand out from everyone else? Maybe you'd rather just blend in. Phyllis can make you over to your heart's desires.


Clothing & Accessories

Phyllis carries a wide assortment of wigs, jewelry, shoes, dresses, gowns and so much more. Everything a lady could need; you have to see it to believe it!


Photo Shoots

Take home souvenirs of your day as a lady. Phyllis can provide you with mementos you can't match!


Bridal Makeovers and Photo Shoots

What girl hasn't wanted to be a bride? Whether you want to be ready for an actual wedding, or just have a bridal makeover done for a photo shoot, Phyllis can help make you beautiful!