Phyllis carries everything you need to help you look your best! See below for a listing of what she has in store. If she doesn't stock it, she'll help you find it!



Peruse Phyllis' racks for a wide variety of styles and sizes, to turn you into a well-dressed woman!



What woman doesn't appreciate a good pair of shoes? Rest assured, Phyllis can help you put your best foot forward!



Accessories can help you project the feminine image you want...and Phyllis has the "bling" that can help!



The crowning glory of a woman is her hair...and, if you're not blessed with the lovely locks you want, Phyllis can supply many styles of wigs! Special orders available!


Breast Forms

Don't be ashamed if you need some help "up top" to get the look you want...Phyllis stocks high-quality silicone breast forms to help you fill out your clothes properly. You'll be amazed at the results! Special orders available!